gets you paid
3x faster

Trice is the best software platform for businesses that want to get paid instantly. We handle all the complexities and compliance that deliver better business outcomes.

Reduce Time, Save Money

Trice puts instant Money-in, Money-out protocols to work for you. Request owed money and receive it in seconds. With quicker access to the funds you're due, you can make smarter money moves.

Eliminate ACH R1s and R5s

Prevents costs, losses, fines, workload, and customer dissatisfaction from insufficient funds and unauthorized debits. Instant safeguards deliver lower risks, streamlined operations, accountability, and happier customers.

24/7  365 Availability

Our real-time payments platform enables your business to securely request and receive expected funds 24/7/365. Get owed money when you want it and make data-driven decisions around the clock.

Security, Compliance & Protection

We handle all account identity and risk analysis behind the scenes, validating new payees to prevent fraud. This allows you to send payments with confidence, avoiding time-consuming security processes so you can concentrate on running your company.

Seamless Integration

We easily integrate with existing NACHA files, platform agnostic to supplement your payment flows. By plugging into current workflows with minimal lift, you enhance productivity and scale while reducing manual processes.

Build the future of Instant Money

A2A Funding

Capture better investment opportunities when you transfers are instant.

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Payroll Funding

Increase the control and timing of your funds and funds workflows.

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Loan Collections

Reduce the cost of capital by speeding up good funds payments.

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B2B Payments

Make better decisions when you have better clarity on A/R and A/P

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Security Deposits

Better client experience with less overhead.

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Bill Payments

Avoid fees when you can pay a bill instantly.

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Loan Payoffs

Stop calculating future interest costs when you can do it same day.

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