Instant payouts with real-time bank transfers

Send funds to participating banks and credit unions within seconds— 24 hours a day, seven days a week with easy API integration and full data transparency.

Many real time payouts use cases enabled

Instant Cash Out: NeoBanks, Digital Wallets, and Investment apps can provide instant cash-out options, sending funds directly to customers' bank accounts.

Faster Merchant Settlement: Expedite payouts of card sales to smaller merchants and sellers to improve cash flow.

SMB Payables: Facilitate payments to suppliers for invoices and bill payments.

Gaming: Ensure fast and secure payouts for online gaming companies and fantasy sports.

Marketplaces: Provide payouts to sellers for goods and services sold through ecommerce platforms and online stores.

Creators: Facilitate payouts to creators, influencers, and producers through online platforms.

Contractors & Gig Workers: Pay your contractors, freelancers, drivers, and designers with faster access to their earnings through real-time bank transfers.

Earned Wage Access: Employees can access earned wages before payday. Use real-time bank transfers to provide employees with money when needed to pay bills on time, avoid late fees, and meet their financial goals.

We’ve got you covered

RTP usage in the US continues to grow with 64 million transactions or $34 billion processed in 3Q23.

RTP® from The Clearing House

More than 345 banks and credit unions are currently utilizing the RTP Network covering 65% of all US bank accounts. RTP has a transaction limit of $1 million.

FedNow Service (Coming Early 2024)

FedNow Service has over 400 institutions now participating as senders or receivers on the network. FedNow Service has a limit of $500,000.

RTP Certified Technology Partner

Deploy solutions with Trice's certified platform and developer-friendly APIs in a matter of weeks, with the flexibility to utilize Trice sponsor banks or seamlessly connect with your own banking partners.

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