Instant Account to Account transfers

Trice provides instant deposits, fast bank transfers and quicker access to funds through a simple API integration.

We’ve built connections to RTP from the Clearing House and the FedNow service, so you don’t have to.

Enable Instant Deposits

Increase conversion

Grow deposits faster by allowing your customers to seamlessly transfer funds from their bank accounts.

Instantly fund new accounts

When your customers get their new debit cards, accounts, or wallets, enable them to start using immediately.

Seamless integration

Our instant funding solution can be set up quickly by integrating with our APIs. Getting started is as simple as adding a few lines of code.

Improve Balance Top Ups

Automate account top ups

Enable customers to automatically top up their account balances in real-time and specify what happens during a payment if funds are insufficient.

Improve card acceptance

Our real-time funding solution means funds instantly land and are available to use right away — without lengthy settlement times or ACH delays, meaning your customers cards won’t be declined during a transaction.

Setup Recurring Transfers

Forget expensive fees

Instant real-time bank transfers mean no card fees and by using Trice APIs, recurring transfers can be fully automated, reducing all payments costs.

Improved customer experience

Receive funds instantly with real-time payments using FedNow and RTP to drive customer engagement and usage.

Automate admin

Easily check the status of any A2A transfer from any customer at any time and connect Trice to your accounting system for streamlined reconciliation.

Deploy Request for Pay

Bill payment

Allow customers to make bill payments directly from their bank accounts. Payments are processed instantly, as fast as a card payment, without the network fees.

Data rich messaging

RTP provides process automation and simplification by aligning with the global ISO 20022 standard, along with two-way data-rich messaging.

Increase collection rates

Increase the success of recurring or one-time transactions, including subscriptions and one-time payments from vendors, partners or consumers.

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