Transforming real time payments

Trice leverages innovative technology to provide a seamless, efficient, and secure API driven platform for real-time payments.  With a mission to enable high-impact use cases for real-time bank payments, Trice is at the forefront of changing the way businesses and consumers experience the speed and convenience of modern payment solutions.

Our Culture
We believe that any success at Trice comes from two things: our people and our culture. We believe that talented people operating in a great culture will produce the best outcomes for our customers and partners.

Our Values

Customer First

We listen to our customers and understand their needs better than any other company. Don’t ship anything unless it’s ready for prime time, tested, and awesome, so we can deliver on commitments for our customers.

Stay Focused

Simplify everything – minimize any friction for the customer. Focus on what matters and what is right and eliminate everything else.

Be Great

Build the best product with the highest quality and present our solutions in a creative, engaging, and professional way to deliver WOW.

We Collaborate

Roll up your sleeves and get into the details of the work. Work effectively as a team and enable everyone to achieve their goals and grow — celebrate the wins and accept responsibility when things go wrong. Work quickly to make things right.

Uplift Everyone

We believe the key to a great product is building diverse, lean agile teams of amazing action-orientated folks who break down barriers. We come to work each day to inspire, engage, learn, and solve our customers’ needs.

Our Team


Doug Yeager

Doug has deep product, payments, financial services, and hardware design experience. He founded TradeWind Technologies, leaders in RFID readers and automation, and was formerly CPO at OV Loop and CEO & Co Founder of SimplyTapp, known for pioneering Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology for Android that was backed by LightSpeed venture partners and Verizon Wireless.


Darin Nelson

Darrin is a seasoned software development engineer with two decades of industry expertise. He has a proven track record in architecting and developing software and services, experienced with cloud native solutions, and building high performance development teams. Darrin previously led engineering teams at Microsoft, Sequent Software, and ComScore.


Kevin Kozak

Kevin is an experienced product leader specializing in ISO 20022 real-time payments, tokenized IoT/mobile contactless payments, e-commerce payments, identity, KYC/KYB, fraud prevention, and virtual card issuing. He’s passionate about building and growing digital real-time payments experiences.


Mike West

Mike has over 25 years’ experience building and launching payments products and services, leading commercial, operations and go-to-market. He has scaled solutions and infrastructure that can support the accelerated growth of new customers, use cases and volumes. Mike held senior positions at Visa in San Francisco, at PayPal in San Jose, and American Express in London and Sydney.

Our Partners
Thank you to our strategic partners. Diagram Ventures, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), and JAM FINTOP


Trice's API-first, real-time payments-as-a-service platform, launched on November, 2023, with access to the RTP network from the Clearing House and includes Request for Pay (RfP) functionality. FedNow Service support is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2024. For media inquiries, product demonstrations, or further information, please contact

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